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by Little Star

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Sailor 06:41
Lyrics ~ Sailor, just beneath the water she is your daughter and she calls to you In tongues of language we’ve forgotten, but it has not been lost, it lives in you So open your chalice to receive and the ways will reveal themselves to you. So seekers, look to the horizon and feel what is rising within you For winged, ones we are arriving to the wind we shall dive to claim freedom And sacred ones we are returning and our hearth fires, they are burning to turn anew For it’s surrounding you, and it encircles all And cloak of stars shine through to illuminate your truth
Lyrics ~ Inanna Rahkma Life force, opening from womb source She is what transforms you guiding to the next room Opening before you knew one side you were all Mother-Father, breath of ever-flowing spring, love guides us on our way And wound of wisdom we’re un-writing She’ll return to light, and merging heart and mind, we will regain our sight for All that is alive But oh, All is divine You are the sage, the scribe the master and the wise the dancer and the child and all it dwells inside, so hold your lantern high, and choose to walk your light So transform, serpentine in nature moving as a spiral, catching on the wave We reach up, stretching back our petals salutation sunward setting forth our gaze So hold your palms outstretched and open, for source is ever flowing Truth from which you came So feel and, be the voice to speak it, Truths of all and ancient but need each voice anew So come all messengers galactic, Family of Truth, on mission of the soul
May the Way 09:32
Lyrics ~ Come water, to soothe my bones Come fire, to light my soul Come earth, to plant my home Come air, to flow on flow on Come music, movement, fluid light within, like honey, encircling the sound and swaying deep crevasse of soul, we're stirring wisdom of the crone, wer'e shaking dust from ancient bones, they're gleaming to be moved again to be danced So come mother, father, earthen child We will walk the awakening, this road of stones, disintegrate and love through all will light the way May the way be open to journey wide and journey wise May the 
way be open, may the skies hold truth may you know devotion in all that you do May you walk the garden of spirit surround May you hold the vision and ground it into life ~ In lands of metal, tin, and stone we shed our skin to know our home within these hearts, were not alone within our tribe, we walk the road So road of red, eclipse my soul tell me secrets only you know and paint the skies of crimson gold, 
see I will listen to the stars in the stone
Lyrics ~ Wisdom, cradle me extend your will through thousand facets of my being to radiate, radiate, radiate grace and emanate, emanate, emanate peace One star, shining through the fabric of all things one spark, shine One heart, like river running smooth across all time one life To radiate, radiate, radiate peace and emanate emanate emanate grace One song, echoing in round from canyon walls the ancients still sing One bloodline, one family in all each stone, each breath divine So release to the tender all knowing the stars have held the way It’s not a fight we face, but an opening, an opening of grace to resonate, resonate, resonate highest and cultivate, cultivate, cultivate life So sister, walk beside me stand tall, claim your heavenly birthright and below you walk on water, for you you can heal, can alchemize Golden child, from your breath water flows, it carves your throne, your temple spirit home your temple, spirit home your temple, spirit home
Ocean 12:51
Lyrics ~ Deep, beneath the ocean in the womb of Mother A star is held and pulses through all space, time, being Felt first as pulse, and then as knowing as wave forms move through cellular memory Feel space before you and Spirit filling, A moving forth, Or maybe a returning You followed voices luring
 to edge of water, facing but all before you is sheer reflection for that you seek is expanse of ocean within They call to you Eyes peer out and pull you closer with hair of black, and skin of silver She takes your hand, and leads you under Return from where you came, Seal mother
 Orphan child Hear the whispers of your birthright They call to you
 Diving down, swimming deeper, casting light through dancing waters and souls surround to guide and gather Shifters of shape, mystic keepers Guiding home
 Looking out, expanse of stillness form dissolves, and you are merged with Love entire, Deepest power For the song was yours, Luminous heart
 Within, without Rise and flow Expand, return, Spiral always


‘Celestine’ means of Spirit or of the ethereal.
This album is truly an invocation of the higher self.
It is a harmonic offering, to speak to the universal currents that run through each of us.
It is an invitation beyond space and time, into the Truth that composes you,
into the power of your flame within.
Celestine is a prayer for these deeper Truths to be revealed.
And it is simply singing to the tune of wonder and beauty and love for the entirety of creation.
May it hold magic to offer you ~


released December 21, 2016


all rights reserved



Little Star Denver, Colorado

Creatress ~ Starseed ~ Conduit

Alchemist of consciousness, Anchoring Truth, Transmuting Spirit to sound ~

booking: littlestar.emanations@gmail.com

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